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Real Flawless Foundation Brush View 1

Real Flawless Foundation Brush

A foundation brush with densely packed ultra-soft bristles and tear drop shape allows for effortless application that reaches all contours of the face.

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Velour Puff View 1

Velour Puff

This specially designed puff picks up, holds and applies powder with luxurious ease. 100% Cotton.

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Cushion Sponge 2-Pack View 1

Cushion Sponge 2-Pack

An innovative custom applicator to achieve a poreless second-skin finish.

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Crème Eye Color Brush View 1

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Crème Eye Color Brush

Provides sheer and even eyeshadow application.

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Smudge Brush View 1

Smudge Brush

Expertly smudges and adds depth close to the lash line and within the corners of the eye.

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Smoky Eye Liner Brush View 1

Smoky Eye Liner Brush

Professional design creates the ideal smoky eye.

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Secret Camouflage Brush View 1

Secret Camouflage Brush

Precisely applies concealer to the most intimate areas of the face.

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Powder Brush View 1

Powder Brush

Perfectly sculpted brush head for the best application of Loose Setting Powder.

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Flawless Finish Makeup Sponge View 1

Flawless Finish Makeup Sponge

An innovative, dye-free makeup sponge designed to hug the contours of the face for smooth, even application.

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Medium Velour Puff 2-Pack View 1

Medium Velour Puff 2-Pack

Laura's iconic Velour Puff, now available as a 2-pack in a new medium size. 100% Cotton.

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Lip Color Brush View 1

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Lip Color Brush

A synthetic brush perfectly shaped for precisely lining the lip line and coloring the lips.

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Flat Eye Liner Brush View 1

Flat Eye Liner Brush

Delivers the most exact placement of eye liner.

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Finishing Pony Tail Brush View 1

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Finishing Pony Tail Brush

Creates smooth, even coverage for expert eye color application.

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Fan Powder Brush View 1

Fan Powder Brush

Picks up and softly applies powder onto the skin for flawless application.

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Cheek Color Brush View 1

Cheek Color Brush

Perfectly and effortlessly shapes the cheek bone.

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Crème Cheek Color Brush View 1

Crème Cheek Color Brush

Naturally and exquisitely defines the cheekbone.

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